Alex Castellanos Wants RNC To Move Away From Michael Steele

The ever-expanding chorus of public figures calling for RNC chair Michael Steele‘s resignation since last week’s sexy nightclub scandal now includes CNN analyst and loyal Republican advisor Alex Castellanos. Castellanos, who did not define his relationship with the RNC beyond “I try to help whenever I can,” refused to openly demand a resignation, but made it clear that if Steele’s trangressions meant income loss for the party, the chairman had to go.

On today’s Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer discussed the bondage-themed nightclub scandal with Castellanos, who repeatedly called for the party to “change direction.” While Blitzer couldn’t pin him down, he did say that the first and most important thing to the party was the trust of the donors, and that Steele had lost “a lot of our major donors that provide the lifeblood, the oxygen…”

The good news is Castellanos is honest enough not to feign outrage at the scandalous activities the money allegedly went to funding. The bad news for Republicans is that Castellanos couldn’t have made his own party come off worse. He repeatedly confirmed claims from independents and right-wing Tea Party members that the party is only concerned about money and power, but especially money. He argued that Steele’s resignation “is about a party that has a cause, and that is rescuing this country from bankruptcy,” which, going by how many times he emphasized the importance of big-money donors, probably means “rescuing itself from bankruptcy.

Video below:

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