AMAZING: Time Lapse Video Shows Woman Aging Through Entire Life

“It can be a very anxious thing to watch yourself grow old before you’re actually there,” said filmmaker Anthony Cerniello, whose new video shows a time lapse of a woman growing from youth to old age.

Cerniello achieved the affect by taking multiple photographs of family members and segueing them into one video. He added blinks artificially, to mollify the “unsettling” effect of someone staring at the viewer for several minutes straight.

“Trying to make a person artificially is kind of like the holy grail of visual effects,” Cerniello said. “The main problems with creating artificial people, and models of people, are the textures are always wrong, so I thought I’d have a huge leg up by photographing real people.”

“To me, making a person offered me a totally blank, giant canvas to work with, where I could make anything I wanted,” Cerniello said. “I could tell a person’s whole life story.”

Watch the full video below, via CNN:

[h/t CNN]

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