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AMC, Dan Abrams, To Revisit Notorious Unsolved Murder Cases

AMC has tapped ABC legal analyst, author and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams (name sounds soooo familiar, just trying to put a face to it) to anchor an upcoming series of “documentary style” short profiles of some of the nation’s most notorious unsolved murder cases, according to a news release from the network today.

The series–tied to the premiere of a new AMC drama series, The Killing, which debuts April 3–features three to five minute vignettes on six unsolved cases, including Jon Benet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway and the Zodiac Killer.

The cases span from the 1947 “Black Dahlia” case to the modern mystery of Holloway, whose disappearance has been the subject of endless hours of cable news coverage. AMC says Abrams will “delve deep” into each story, “focusing on the unfolding investigation and murder evidence, as well as the families involved and each crime’s impact on the public psyche – themes that will be heavily explored in The Killing.”

The vignette series begins airing Monday, March 28.

The Killing, based on a Danish television series, follows the murder of a teenage girl and the police investigation ensues. Veena Sud, from CBS’ Cold Case writes and produces the series for AMC.

Watch a trailer here, from AMC:

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