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Amy Schumer: ‘Gotcha Society’ Around Comedy ‘F*ckin’ Sucks’

amy schumerHaving gone through a bit of an online controversy of her own already, comedian Amy Schumer definitely has some thoughts on the current outrage culture when it comes to politically incorrect jokes.

A columnist recently said Schumer has a “blind spot” about race, which led to a Washington Post op-ed tying her both to Donald Trump and Dylann Roof (though one of the writers of that piece admitted she’s never seen Schumer’s comedy).

And while Schumer recently apologized if people were hurt by her jokes, she tells The Daily Beast in a new interview that it “fuckin’ sucks” how much comedians have to watch their backs these days.

“Part of me,” she said, “wants to resist it and say, ‘Fuck you, I can say whatever I want!’ but it’s actually careless at this point. It sucks.”

She lamented the ever-present “gotcha society” and even revealed a relevant nightmare she had:

“It got kind of graphic and sexual with a girl who wanted a picture with me—it had a lot of twists and turns—but I think it all just stemmed from that. It was about all the aspects of fame and everything being monitored, and I woke up really bummed out.”

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