Anna Wintour Laughs in the Face of McKinsey Evaluation

wintour1606_narrowweb__300x452,0-1There is something vaguely inspiring about Anna Wintour‘s utter refusal to trim her lifestyle in the face of a industry-wide recession that is promising to spell the end to magazines as we know them. Let others eat cake in the Condé Nast cafeteria and agonize to their heart’s content about the McKinsey evaluators, if you need Anna, she will be at the Ritz, thank-you very much. This from Keith Kelly’s column in the NYP today:

Condé’s flagship Vogue, which is sticking to its tradition of putting its editors, including the imperial Anna Wintour, up at only the finest hotels.

According to sources, Wintour’s European entourage, which is usually about 10 people including her creative director, fashion director, several top stylists, European market editor, beauty editor and Publisher Tom Florio, is estimated to cost the company close to $250,000 in travel expenses.

A source said Wintour stays at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, while underlings are sent to the Crillon and the George V.

I know, I know it’s bad form, it’s bad business, it’s irresponsible, etc. But also, it’s sort of awesome that is Wintour refusing to give up her $30 pomme frites at the Ritz; at least she is living the life she’s attempting to sell us in the pages of Vogue. For the time being, anyway.

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