Author Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton May Run In ’16, But Right Now She’s Looking Overweight And Tired

Author and former New York Times Magazine editor in chief Ed Klein appeared on Kilmeade & Friends.

While promoting his book about Barack Obama, Klein told host Brian Kilmeade that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that a 2016 presidential run may be difficult for Clinton because — not to sound “anti-feminist” — she’s looking fat and tired:

At this very moment that we’re speaking right now, Brian, they] are already thinking seriously about running in 2016. She’ll be 69 years old. And as you know — and I don’t want to sound anti-feminist here — but she’s not looking good these days. She’s looking overweight and she’s looking very tired. […]

I think she’s going to take some time off, get back into shape. And if her health holds out — that’s a big if, of course — if her health holds out, there’s no question in my mind she and Bill — two for the price of one — will run in 2016.

Kilmeade agreed with Klein’s assessment, saying “It looks like she’s not trying, to be honest.”

Have a listen, via Kilmeade & Friends:

h/t Raw Story

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