Balloon Boy Sideshow: Neighbor Fistfights with Media

Picture 4

This was not my profession’s finest hour.

In a strange sideshow to the already trainwreckish main event that is the “Balloon Boy” saga, the Associated Press is circulating raw video of an altercation between a “Balloon Boy” neighbor and members of the assembled media.

Since no-one was apparently hurt, I think it’s okay to laugh at the media’s inability to contain the marauding civilian.

It’s hard to tell if the guy has a legitimate beef, but the animosity is clearly going both ways.  What I love is the contrast between the guy in the yellow shirt’s decisive action, and how it works out for him. Also note how none of the scores of press people milling around come to his aid.  There’s a reason these guys are covering the Heene driveway, and not Afghanistan.

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Department had no comment on the incident.

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