Bill Maher: Aurora Massacre Reminds Us Of American Exceptionalism, In A Bad Way

Maher: Aurora Massacre Reminds Us Of American Exceptionalism, In A Bad Way

Yesterday, as details were constantly emerging from Aurora about the movie theater shooting during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, comedian Bill Maher took to Twitter to make a point about American exceptionalism, saying that the shooting is a “reminder” that many things that people believes makes the U.S. exceptional are bad.

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Maher tweeted his thoughts last night, specifically calling out conservatives for their view of American exceptionalism.

NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard tore into Maher for his remarks, wondering “how stoned Maher was when he wrote this nonsense.” He questioned how Maher could take such a dim view of American exceptionalism and explained what makes his words all the more discouraging.

What should make people sadder than the comment itself is that there are so many folks around this great nation who agree with him, and that maybe such anti-American sentiments are part of the problem.

Maher has hit upon the theme of American exceptionalism before. Last month on his HBO show, Maher said the United States needs to “get over” the idea and claimed that the United States will be a Mormon nation someday because it is an American-centric religion. Maher took a lot of heat from conservatives for his remarks. Watch that video here:

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