Bonjour! Watch This Incredible Performer Sing Every Part of ‘Belle’ From Beauty and the Beast


If you’re not familiar with the opening number from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, it involves an entire village welcoming viewers to the “poor provincial town” while at the same time introducing us to the “peculiar” heroine Belle. And if you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast either on-screen or on Broadway, then you’d know the song literally involves dozens of performers, many of whom have solos.

Now imagine taking on the entire song all by yourself.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it at all… because someone already did it.

Earlier this month, Brian Esposito took it upon himself to perform every single role in “Belle,” from the baker, Gaston, LeFou, and even Belle herself during a live performance in a NYC diner.

Esposito, a self-desribed “actor, singer, and waiter extraordinaire” works as a server at Ellen’s Stardust Diner and has apparently given numerous live performances. But his recent solo rendition of “Belle” has gone viral, viewed over 7 million times on Facebook.

And chances are… he won’t be working at that diner for long.

Watch the clip above, via Brian Esposito.

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