Britney Spears Weighs In on Gov’t Shutdown, Tells Congress: ‘Work B**ch’

Finally. On Wednesday afternoon, Britney Spears added her voice to the throngs of celebrities and public figures who have an opinion on the government shutdown.

After the House and Senate could not agree on a bill to fund the government, the Government Shutdownpocalypse™ commenced on Tuesday morning. That also happened to be the same day that Spears launched the official music video for “Work Bitch,” the first single off her forthcoming album.

Perhaps sensing the timeliness of her song’s title, given the ensuing government employee furloughs, Spears tweaked the song’s lyrics to implore lawmakers to get back to work:

And with that, it’s only a matter of hours before Miley Cyrus speaks out, telling Congress to “just twerk it out, bitches.”

[h/t Hunter Schwarz]

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