Buddhist Monks Arrested for Smoking Meth in Sacred Pagoda

Two Buddhist monks living in a Cambodian pagoda were arrested for, of all things, smoking meth.

The International Business Times reported that 19-year-old Chan Bunna and 36-year-old Pich David, both monks at a Buddhist commune in Siem Reap, were arrested separately, but for meth-related reasons. In particular, David’s room contained condoms, alcohol, and a meth pipe, three things that are absolutely not allowed for Buddhist monks.

The police also arrested two market vendors and two pagoda residents for meth use, which should make anyone going on an Eat, Pray, Love spiritual retreat to Siem Reap re-evaluate their decisions.

Fun fact: meth use is skyrocketing in Southeast Asia, with the United Nations estimating that it is the first or second most popular illicit drug in most Asian countries. (Perhaps the question should be: which Buddhist monks aren’t doing meth?)

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