Bundy Ranch Supporters: ‘He Is Not a Racist Man’


As more and more conservative pundits and politicians try to distance themselves from rancher Cliven Bundy, as he made overtly racist comments about “negros” being “better off as slaves,” his core supporters are not going anywhere. The official Bundy Ranch Facebook page, which boasts over 100,000 supporters, posted this message of support to their leader on Thursday afternoon:

In about an hour, the post has accumulated over 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments that mostly skew towards support of Bundy and his comments. Some of the most-liked comments include, “I’m sorry but racism is not the issue here. The issue is an overreaching tyrannical government” and “I was wondering when they would try to use the race card. It’s typical and beside the point.”

However, one dissenter is urging the Bundy family to issue an apology, summing up the feelings of many defenders who are now turning their backs on the rancher’s cause:

“I have to disagree here, I was at the ranch when the BLM called off the operation and was proud to support the family and the larger issue. But comments like those do nothing but harm our cause. I STRONGLY recommend issuing an apology and a clarification if indeed his comments were taken out of context. Also, hire a PR person and let them deal with the media. You are not only harming your own family but hurting those of us who have been defending your family to any and all who will listen. You had support from some high members of the GOP and national exposure. Watch how fast your story now gets burried. ugh”

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