California Lawyer Pushes Proposition to Make It Legal to Kill Gay People


You may have heard about the infamous “kill the gays” law in Uganda and thought, “Well, that could never happen here.” But a California lawyer is trying to make it happen.

Taking advantage of California’s proposition system, Matt McLaughlin paid $200 to push an initiative called the Sodomite Suppression Act [PDF]. There’s some choice language in there about outlawing all “sodomistic propaganda” and literally start out with “The abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy, is a monstrous evil.”

But then we see its true purpose:

Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.

Naturally, this has shocked and disturbed a lot of people. The state legislature’s LGBT caucus called on the State Bar to conduct a review of McLaughlin, writing, “We believe that this measure not only fails constitutional muster, but that such inciting and hateful language has no place in our discourse, let alone state constitution.”

As for the proposition itself, well, Attorney General Kamala Harris is supposed to write up a title and summary, and does not have the power to just put a stop to it. The proposition now moves onto the signature-gathering stage, where, presumably, it will fail, because there probably won’t be hundreds of thousands of Californians who would sign it.

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