Canadian Attack Ad Shows Mayoral Candidate Kicking A Child In The Face

Are you one of those people who are always threatening to move to Canada, home of universal healthcare, relaxed drug laws, and adorable vowel sounds? Do you also hate children? Then Winnipeg is the city for you! (At least according to the following political ad.)

Sam Katz has been the Mayor of Winnipeg for the past six years. According to the attack ad below, he hasn’t accomplished “a heck of a lot,” citing his record of waffling on public transit issues and his failure to establish promised public wi-fi.

What has Katz done? Kicked a child in the face. The video closes with a clip of Katz accidentally nailing a kid during a soccer game while the voiceover snarks, “nice.”

The ad feels like our great Northern neighbors saw “I’m Not a Witch” and raised us a “kicking a child in the face.” Game on Canada, game on.

(H/T NY Mag)

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