Caption This: George Stephanopoulos Shares A Smooch With Boo

You guys already know about a few things I really dislike, namely sharks and the ocean and the comedic stylings of one George Lopez. But, know what I love? Dogs. I love dogs so much. And I’ve always just really liked George Stephanopoulos. He seems like a nice guy who also happens to look a lot like my godfather, and I suppose I’ve always associated him with Easter presents and jellybeans.

So you can probably imagine my reaction to this photo posted by Boo, world’s cutest dog, on Facebook. Here, the famous pup is seen receiving a smooch from Stephanopoulos, whom “Boo” refers to as his “post White House de-stressor.” YOU GUYS.

My brain is just a series of puppy .gifs and sparkles right now, so I’m going to turn things over to you. Caption my favorite celebrity duo, Stephanoboolos.

h/t Yes, of course I follow Boo on Facebook.

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