Cartoon Alec Baldwin Fights With Cartoon Brian Williams Over Frozen Yogurt (Also Cartoon)

I have a dream. In it, Brian Williams and Jon Hamm both finally admit that they just want to be doing comedy full time. They then quit their day jobs and go on the road together as a hilarious two man comedy team. After cultivating their comedic personas and on-stage chemistry, the two embark on a successful series of buddy comedies beginning with my unproduced spec script, Brian and Jon on the Road to Marrakesh. Until this happens though, we’ll have to settle for both men continuously doing tiny, comedic side projects like this one in which a cartoon Williams fights a cartoon Alec Baldwin for frozen yogurt.

The short is the first in a new series of animated cartoons made for 30 Rock, which Williams is frequent guest on (just join the cast as a regular, Brian! We won’t think any less of you!). Tons of shows are producing web-only content now as a way to further engage audiences as well as force them to watch stuff in an environment devoid of commercial-skipping technology. 30 Rock, however, is the only series that has given us the image of Alec Baldwin with the body of a WWE wrestler.

Check out the short below. It mixes the politics of a workplace cafeteria with the plotlines of Superman and The Terminator and it’s pretty darn funny.

(h/t Entertainment Weekly)

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