Cenk Uygur: Border Wall is the ‘Physical Manifestation of Conservative Voters’ Cowardice’


The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian tore into President Trump on Monday by arguing that many of his policies are little more than a costly waste of resources.

The comments came while Uygur and Kasparian addressed the news that Trump sending thousands of additional troops down south to fortify the border while he continues to fight with Congress over funding for a border wall. As they took note of people in the government who call the move a waste of money, Uygur asked why U.S. troops are being allocated this way if they aren’t even legally clear to act in the same capacity as border security law enforcement.

“Why are we sending them there? They’re there to put up wires? Couldn’t we hire people at minimum wage to put up wires? Why do you need the military to put up wires or a fence? That makes no sense at all. The only reason you would do that is for political theater. So, Trump, as usual, is hiding behind the troops and using them as a political gimmick. You MAGA guys must be so proud.”

Kasparian agreed, calling it “disgusting” for Trump to use troops as “props.” The conversation continued with an analysis of Trump’s “political theater” on immigration and a possible national emergency, during which, Uygur characterized the wall as “a physical manifestation of conservative voters’ cowardice.”

“They’re definitely afraid of everything,” Uygur said. “Trump knows his voters are cowards, so he just keeps pressing on that nerve.”

Kasparian noted that most Americans don’t believe that a border wall will solve the problems of illegal immigration, and she concluded that Trump keeps pushing for it anyway because “all he cares about is constructing his hate monument” and appeasing his base.

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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