comScore Chris Hayes Shreds Hannity, Bannon on Roy Moore: They Defended ‘Molesting a Child’

Chris Hayes Shreds Hannity, Bannon on Roy Moore: They Defended ‘Molesting a Child’

Many Republicans have headed for the hills and called on Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate Race — following a blockbuster report from the Washington Post which alleges that Moore pursued relationships with four different teenage women while he was in his 30s.

But some conservatives — namely at Breitbart — have, to varying degrees, defended the former Alabama Supreme Court justice.

Chris Hayes was flabbergasted by this. During Thursday night’s edition of All In, the MSNBC host railed against conservatives including those at Breitbart and Sean Hannity for, in Hayes’s view, backing Roy Moore.

“I anticipated a fake news attack,” Hayes said. “I anticipated deny, deny, deny. ‘Washington Post is fake news.’ What I did not anticipate was watching a bunch of conservatives today bend over backwards to defend molesting a child. And yet somehow, that’s apparently where we are.”

Hayes saved his real scorn for Steve Bannon, the Breitbart executive chairman who has been an unabashed Moore supporter.

“Congratulations Steve Bannon, who read some high school Shakespeare and cliff notes of Sun Tzu,” Hayes said. “The strategic genius who’s managed to maneuver the Republican Party to be all in on a man who stands accused of molesting a child today. Way to go.”

Hannity, for his part, is vigorously fighting back against claims that he’s defending Moore. We’ll be posting about his response to critics like Hayes and CNN’s Jake Tapper shortly.

In the meantime, watch above, via MSNBC.

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