Chris Matthews Eviscerates Rick Lazio Over Mosque Remarks

Well this makes up for David Gregory‘s weak Meet the Press interview on Sunday with New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio.

Today Lazio, who may have mistakenly been under the impression all his exchanges with the press would be so easy, appeared on Hardball and was subjected to a pretty serious grilling by Chris Matthews over some of the more questionable statements he’s made. Said Matthews right off the bat: “Why don’t you give us the [Iman’s] full sentence!” It was the grilling Lazio deserved. Here’s a sample:

    Lazio: I really want to know why they refused to say they wouldn’t take money from Iran…doesn’t that trouble you, it should trouble most people.

    Matthews: It troubles me that you just changed the guys sentence.

And later:

    Lazio: We need to get to the bottom of this.

    Matthews: The bottom of this is that you are running for Governor.

You get the picture. One wonders if this will prove to be Lazio’s 2010 Hillary moment. Watch below.

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