CNN Panelist on ‘Enemy’ Tweet: Much More Media Outrage About Trump’s Words Than Obama’s Actions


RedState assistant managing editor Jay Caruso was on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning to ask for some perspective into President Trump‘s tweet calling the press the “enemy.”

Caruso wrote yesterday that the press needs to stop overreacting to everything Trump says:

People in the media are proving to be just as thin-skinned and just as narcissistic as President Trump and President Obama. Just as Donald Trump needs to get over it when he decides to start a flame war against a critic, the press needs to get over it when Trump complains about them…

It’s fair to make the case President Trump is attempting to delegitimize the press. But in the course of his near one month in office, he’s delegitimized the judiciary, Congress, NATO, the intelligence community and more. Every day the press is busy fighting on Trump’s turf by battling him about themselves, is another day issues such as the repeal of Obamacare, tax cuts and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch remain untouched.

And beyond that, he told Brian Stelter this morning, Trump’s words towards the press are getting far more attention than President Obama‘s actions:

“What’s important is when President Trump starts to do something. Right now he’s only saying things. And I don’t remember this level of outrage from members in the media when President Obama––his Justice Department named journalist James Rosen as a conspirator in an Espionage Act case against a leaker. That’s, in my view, far worse than anything Donald Trump tweets.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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