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Ex-Playboy Model Who Alleges Trump Tried to Pay Her for Sex Now Free to Tell Her Story

Hannity Goes Off Calling His ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Critics Hypocrites: I’m ‘Honest About Who I Am!’

Associated Press Issues Correction After Howard Kurtz Calls Out ‘Dishonest Piece’

Ex-Sinclair Station Reporter: Execs Should ‘Pull Their Head Out of Their Ass’

Anchor at Sinclair-Owned Station Slams Trump for Defending Anti-Media Campaign: ‘This Isn’t Funny at All’

Media Twitter Slams Trump For Not Taking Questions at ‘News Conference’: ‘That. Was. Not. A. News. Conference.’

Trump Goes After the ‘Crazed’ Media Over Russia Call, Defends His ‘Congratulations’ to Putin

Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders Knock Media Coverage of Russia, Stormy Daniels at Inequality Town Hall

Trump Taunts the Press Over North Korea News: They Were ‘Amazed,’ Next Morning It ‘Became FAKE’

Michael Cohen Lashes Out at Media Again: Ignoring Jobs Numbers to Focus on My Emails

Fox News’ Outnumbered: Why Isn’t Chelsea Clinton Being Asked About Her Dad’s Accusers?

Trump Touts Mark Levin Segment to Slam ‘Mainstream Media’: ‘They’ve Gone CRAZY!’

Watch Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Read Glowing Review Of His Latest Book On Air

Hannity Claims Victory Over the Media After Memo Release: I’ve Taken Heat ‘For Telling the Truth’

Limbaugh Goes After CNN, MSNBC Over Train Crash Coverage: They See ‘Opportunity’ to Slam the GOP

People Infuriated at Writer Who Apparently Tried to ‘Out’ Creator of ‘Sh*tty Media Men’ List

Scaramucci Applauds Firing of Lizza: ‘Won’t Be Able’ To Do To Others ‘What He Did To Me’

Hannity Blasts the Media for Their 2017 ‘EPIC FAIL’: ‘We’ve Been Right, You’ve Been Wrong!’

The Media Won’t Admit It, But Trump is Right About Them Needing Him to be Reelected

Sarah Sanders Blames Media for Trump’s Low Approval Numbers: Not ‘Focused On’ Accomplishments

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