CNN’s Angela Rye: The National Anthem Is ‘Problematic In and Of Itself’

On CNN on Tuesday, Jake Tapper was discussing the NFL and President Trump with his panel on The Lead, and the conversation at one point turned specifically to the Anthem itself.

CNN Commentator and NPR Analyst Angela Rye argued that Trump is using the anthem issue as a wedge and in order to stoke racial tensions ahead of the elections in November. GOP commentator and former Mitch McConnell campaign manager Josh Holmes disputed that, saying the President has a “well-articulated” position on standing during the national anthem.

As the conversation continued, Rye said that Trump’s biggest problem with the Eagles was that his ego couldn’t countenance a small gathering with few players. Then she turned to the anthem itself.

“We’re going to now end up in a midterm where we’re talking about the national anthem,” she said. “The national anthem is problematic in and of itself, there’s a second verse that Colin Kaepernick brought attention to that has yet to be discussed on broad platforms.”

Rye is likely referring to what is actually the third verse, which was in fact discussed on several national platforms in 2016, including CNN, and which is discussed in this CNN article.

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