CNN’s Cuomo Battles GOP Pol on Continued Rigging Claims: ‘None Of That Is Proof of Election Fraud!’


Master brander and puppeteer of media headlines Donald Trump has wonderfully deflected attention away from his avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations by throwing up his hands and claiming the whole election will be rigged.

Since the only way that Donald Trump can come out victorious from this whole thing is if he kicks the dirt enough, his otherwise relatively reasonable surrogates and supporters have laughably fallen in line too. Newt Gingrich this weekend said, “You look at Philadelphia, you look at St. Louis, you look at Chicago, I mean, again I’m old enough, I remember when Richard Nixon had the election stolen in 1960 and no serious historian doubts that Illinois and Texas were stolen.” And America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has been moonlighting lately as a manic conspiracy theorist, fanned the flames this weekend by saying, “Dead people generally vote for Democrats.”

And this morning on CNN’s New Day, North Carolina congressman Renee Ellmers proved that she is now deliciously along for the ride as well.

“You have to know that there is no objective proof of any widespread fraud in any of our election in the modern era,” Chris Cuomo said.

Congresswoman Ellmers pivoted to attack — surprise! — Hillary Clinton, calling the former Secretary of State, “the most corrupt politician to ever run for office, especially the Presidency.” Regarding inconsistencies at polling places, Ellmers claimed that in North Carolina alone, 2,000 deceased people over the age of 110 were voting eligible. She continued, “this goes on and on and on,” although it really doesn’t.

Cuomo fired back, “Everything you just said has nothing to do with election fraud!” and the two continued to dance around this topic that the Trump campaign has made sure will be front and center at tomorrow night’s debate.

Watch above via CNN.

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