CNN’s Kirsten Powers Confronts Jason Miller For Calling Kamala Harris ‘Hysterical’

During Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) peppered him with a series of tough questions, leading to Sessions claiming that she made him “nervous” and Sen. John McCain (R-CA) chastising her for not letting Sessions speak.

Well, during a CNN panel discussion Tuesday evening, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers challenged one of her colleagues for describing Harris’s actions as hysterical.

Earlier in the segment, CNN political commentator and former Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller commended Sessions for having “knocked away some of the hysteria from Kamala Harris and some of the Democrats who wanted to make this a big partisan show.” Powers revisited that moment and pressed Miller on his point.

“How was Senator Harris hysterical?” Powers wanted to know.

Miller said that when it came to Harris’s question-and-answer session with the AG, it “didn’t seem like there was any effort to try to get to a real question or to the bottom of things.”

Powers noted that it appeared to her that Harris had “asked a lot of questions” and was just being “very dogged,” pretty much like Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was at the hearing.

“I think she was hysterical,” Miller stated, sticking to his guns. “I don’t think Sen. Wyden was trying to get to the bottom of answers either.”

“But he wasn’t hysterical, she was,” Powers observed.

The ex-Trump aide defended his position by saying Harris was “trying to shout down” Sessions and that this was the second hearing in a row she had acted in this manner. He was referring to a similar situation during a Senate hearing last week where she was reprimanded for not allowing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to answer.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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