Comedian Jeffrey Ross Performs For Occupy LA: ‘Who Dressed You? FEMA?’

Comedian Jeffrey Ross – a veteran of celebrity roasts – took some time last week to visit and entertain the protesters gathered for Occupy LA outside City Hall. And, of course, he’d be remiss in his duties as a comedian if he didn’t poke a little fun at the protesters themselves.

“Who dressed you? FEMA?” he asked one young man dressed in a cropped tank top I think I might actually own. (Could someone possibly ask this fellow if he frequented Wet Seal circa 2001?) And, as it turns out, Ross found a comedic sidekick in a homeless man participating in the protest as well.

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Ross also took time to thank local law enforcement (which drew cheers and applause from the audience). In fact, all in all, it seemed that those gathered were able to poke fun at themselves and thoroughly enjoyed sharing a moment of levity. I can only wonder what’d happen if, say, Louis C.K. decided to visit Occupy Wall Street over on this coast.

Have a look for yourselves and let us know what you think of Ross’ routine:

h/t BuzzFeed

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