Comey Friend Pushes Back: ‘No Memo Was Given To Me that Was Marked Classified’

Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman is pushing back against the accusations that James Comey leaked classified information by releasing his private memos regarding his conversations with President Trump.

Richman is a friend of Comey’s, and he acted as the former FBI director’s go-between by informing The New York Times about the existence of the secret memos. Pro-Trump corners are seizing on a new report stating Comey released secret information without proper clearance by relaying his memos to the press this way.

Separate reports indicate that Comey had several memos, and he kept classified information out of the one he gave to Richman. Richman issued statements to the press, emphasizing that he only got one memo, and none of the information in it was classified.

“No memo was given to me that was marked ‘classified,'” Richman said to ABC.

Richman went on to say he went over the substance of the memo with the Times, but he did not actually pass it over to their reporter.

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