Dan Abrams Outlines ‘Dangerous Territory’ of Trump’s Business Deals and What No One Is Talking About


Despite the optics of rolling out his own lawyer yesterday to discuss divesting his business interests, President-elect Donald Trump is still veering off into “dangerous legal territory,” according to Mediaite founder and Good Morning America legal analyst Dan Abrams.

Abrams was doing his daily GMA segment Thursday morning breaking down both the ethical and legal implications of Trump’s business plan that was laid out at Wednesday’s press conference. Trump will not divest his foreign interests, opting instead for his children to run his businesses while he’s President; this, according to Abrams, means simply, “When the company gets richer, Donald Trump gets richer.”

From an ethical standpoint, it prevents a truth that no one is talking about: “[Donald Trump’s] still subject to litigation, so if somebody is suing the company, Donald Trump still has to be involved in that litigation,” argued Abrams to George Stephanopoulos Thursday. “That’s a big deal.”

As for the legal ramifications of Trump’s law, Abrams concedes that the PEOTUS is, “absolutely right that the conflict of interest law does not apply,” to the Presidency. Instead, the now frequently-cited Emoluments Clause of the Constitution means he can not earn income from a foreign state, a fact that Trump plans to workaround by donating anything he earns.

“The vast majority of legal experts you talk to say this is dangerous territory,” said Abrams.

Trump’s lawyer Sheri Dillon spoke at length to the press Wednesday, noting, “[Trump] directed me and my colleagues at the law firm Morgan Lewis and Bockius to design a structure for his business empire that will completely isolate him from the management of the company.”

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