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Dan Abrams

Aidan McLaughlin Named Mediaite’s New Managing Editor

Ann Coulter Trashes Comey: ‘A Gigantic, Pompous Fruitcake’

Dan Abrams: Comey Memos ‘Are Devastating to President Trump’

Joe diGenova Slams James Comey Over Email Probe: ‘What He Did To Hillary Clinton Was Criminal’

Chris Cuomo Dishes on Contentious Kellyanne Conway Interview: ‘I Like Her More Than She Likes Me’

Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams Question Why Stormy’s Lawyer Was at Cohen Hearing: ‘Why Is He There!?’

Dan Abrams to Interview Big Name Media/Law Figures on SiriusXM

Dan Abrams: Not ‘If But When’ Trump Will Pardon Michael Cohen

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Fact Check Trump: ‘Attorney-Client Privilege is Not Dead’

UTA and Mediaite to Co-Host White House Correspondent’s Dinner Celebration of America’s Journalists

Dan Abrams on Sinclair’s Defense of Promo: ‘Disingenuous’ to Pretend It’s About Journalistic Responsibility

Dan Abrams on Parkland Students Becoming ‘Advocates’: ‘These Kids Better Saddle Up’

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace Break Down Stormy Lawsuit: ‘Real Concerns’ Cohen Broke Campaign Finance Laws

Dan Abrams: Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Trump Is ‘The One He Should Be Worried About’

Dan Abrams On Trump’s Legal Battle With Stormy: He ‘Could Have An Argument Against Her’

Dan Abrams Sounds the Alarm on Trump-Sessions Feud: ‘This. Is. NOT. NORMAL.’

Dan Abrams on Rick Gates Cooperating With Mueller: They Don’t Need Him to ‘Prove the Manafort Case’

Dan Abrams: Nunes Memo Reads Like a Weak Defense Attorney’s Argument

Dan Abrams Dukes It Out With Ken Starr Over Trump Ordering Robert Mueller’s Firing

Dan Abrams on Possibility of Mueller Firing: ‘If You’re Not Shocked’ Then ‘You Don’t Understand the System’

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