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Dan Abrams On Trump’s Legal Battle With Stormy: He ‘Could Have An Argument Against Her’

Dan Abrams Sounds the Alarm on Trump-Sessions Feud: ‘This. Is. NOT. NORMAL.’

Dan Abrams on Rick Gates Cooperating With Mueller: They Don’t Need Him to ‘Prove the Manafort Case’

Dan Abrams: Nunes Memo Reads Like a Weak Defense Attorney’s Argument

Dan Abrams Dukes It Out With Ken Starr Over Trump Ordering Robert Mueller’s Firing

Dan Abrams on Possibility of Mueller Firing: ‘If You’re Not Shocked’ Then ‘You Don’t Understand the System’

Dan Abrams: 25th Amendment to Remove Trump a ‘Liberal Pipe Dream’

There’s One Live Cable Show That Beats Hannity, Maddow & All Cable News Program​s​…By a Lot

Dan Abrams: Trump Team’s Letter to Congress Complaining About Mueller Feels ‘Like a Stunt’

Dan Abrams: ‘If You’re Jared Kushner Right Now, You’re Very Nervous’

Dan Abrams: Jeff Sessions’ Hillary Inquiry is ‘Direct Violation’ of Recusal Promise

Dan Abrams: Question Still Remains ‘Why Did Papadopoulos Lie?’

Hate for Megyn Kelly is Everything That’s Wrong With America Today

Dan Abrams Rips OJ Simpson Friend for ‘Disrespectful’ Claim Murder Case was Fraudulent

Dan Abrams: Trump’s Comments ‘Stunning’ and ‘Troubling Effort to Undermine’ DOJ

Live PD Airs Unbelievable Footage of High Speed Chase Ending With Guy Battling Cop With Baby in Arms

Dan Abrams: Trump Being Accused of Blackmail Far More ‘Astonishing’ Than Any Tweets

Bill Maher: Trump ‘Has Basically Pravda in Fox News, in Breitbart, in Drudge’

‘I’ve Interviewed Murderers’: Dan Abrams Rips Backlash Over Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview

Dan Abrams: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Trump Claim That Comey Told Him He Wasn’t Under Investigation

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