Dan Abrams

Brian Ross Returns to Television With George Papadopoulos Scoop

Dan Abrams: White House May Classify Conversations to Keep Omarosa From Releasing Them

The Live Cable Show That Beats Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC Combined

Dan Abrams: If President Knew about Trump Tower Meeting, Don Jr Gets Indicted

Dan Abrams: Trump Revoking Security Clearance of His Critics Would Be ‘Shameful’

Avenatti Blasts Dershowitz, Claims He Knows of More Cohen Tapes: My Accuracy a Lot Better Than Yours

Dan Abrams and Alan Dershowitz Clash Over Whether Enquirer Faces Legal Danger For Squashing Trump Affair Story

Dan Abrams Says Cohen’s ABC Interview Sends ‘Clear Signal’ to Trump: ‘We’re No Longer in This Together’

Dan Abrams: ‘Roe v. Wade is as Vulnerable as it’s Been Since it Was Decided’

Dan Abrams Tells The View Why Michael Avenatti Blocked Him on Twitter

Dan Abrams: Giuliani’s ‘Insulting’ Attack on Stormy Daniels ‘Doesn’t Make A Lot of Sense’

Chris Christie Rebuts Trump’s Manafort Claim: Not DOJ’s Job to Vet Your Campaign

Bash for Dan Abrams’ New Book Lincoln’s Last Trial Draws Media Heavies

Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Dan Abrams: ‘Not a Scintilla of Evidence’ FBI Informant Spoke to Trump Campaign Members ‘For Political Purposes’

Alan Dershowitz and Dan Abrams Clash Over Russia Probe: ‘They’re All Longterm Republicans Who Hated Trump!’

Ronan Farrow on Schneiderman Report: Accusers Say He Used His Power to ‘Threaten Them’

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Talk Trump’s Latest Denials of Stormy Affair: It ‘Makes Even Less Sense’

Dan Abrams on Mueller Questions: ‘No Question’ Leaks Came From Trump’s Team

UTA White House Correspondents Party Brings Out Media’s Biggest Stars

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