Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams: Only Explanation Why Manafort Would Lie to FBI and Mueller is ‘He’s Begging For a Pardon!’

Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Says He Will Accept Conclusions of Mueller’s Report

Dan Abrams Counters Dershowitz Defense of National Enquirer: ‘The First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Crimes’

Jeffrey Toobin: ‘Fox News Exists to Ratify the Biases’ of Its Viewers

Mediaite Home Page Draws Record 6.5 Million Visits in January

Dan Abrams: Stone Indictment Shows That Mueller ‘Believes Trump Campaign Knew’ Details About Podesta Hack

Dan Abrams: This Has Been ‘The Worst 48 Hours For Trump So Far’ in the Russia Probe

Dan Abrams: Michael Flynn Got ‘Railroaded,’ Judge ‘Either Unprepared’ or ‘Vindictive’

Dan Abrams: Cohen Claim About Prosecutors Corroboration Has ‘Got to Make the Trump Team Very, Very Nervous’

Dan Abrams: 36 Month Sentence is a ‘Big Win’ For Michael Cohen

Dan Abrams on Cohen Memo: ‘I Think They Might Actually Seek to Indict Trump’

Judge Napolitano: I Expect Donald Trump Jr. to Be Indicted

Dan Abrams: Why is Everyone in Trump’s World ‘Distancing Themselves From Russia?

Dan Abrams: Starting to Feel Like Manafort ‘Was on a Fact-Finding Mission for the Trump Team’

Dan Abrams on Paul Manafort’s Alleged Lies to FBI: ‘Sure Feels Like He’s Looking for a Pardon’

Alan Dershowitz Clashes With Dan Abrams Over Mueller Probe: ‘Collusion is Not Criminal’

Dan Abrams Predicts: Acting AG Matt Whitaker’s ‘Days Are Numbered’

Former Bush AG: ‘I’m Concerned’ By Appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting AG

Geraldo Rivera Says CNN is ‘At War’ With Trump in Interview With Dan Abrams: They’re ‘Ripping His Throat Out’

Dan Abrams Calls Out Geraldo Rivera For MAGA Bomber Conspiracy: ‘What Are You Doing??’

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