Dan Savage on Clinton’s Gay Marriage Flip-Flop: Take ‘MotherF**king Yes For a MotherF**king Answer!’ 


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.45.43 PMSex columnist Dan Savage is known for making naughty threats and saying incendiary things. The more incendiary things he says, the more incendiary things people respond to him with. The cycle is vicious, entertaining, and sometimes illuminating.

In a post for The Stranger, Savage waded into the political fray yet again. This time, he took aim at Hillary Clinton‘s detractors. Specifically, he went after those who are still hung up on her old anti-marriage equality stance.

When describing one of these detractors, a podcaster called Melvin, in detail, he said the following:

Melvin, the host of TFYCPO, is totally in the tank for Bernie Sanders—and, hey, so am I! But I’m also in the tank for Hillary Clinton. You could say I’m bitankual: In both tanks at once. The monotankual host of TFYCPO is in the tank for Bernie and he can’t imagine why anyone who backed gay marriage then (like me) could possibly support Hillary Clinton now (like I do*).

Well, I’m for Hillary—or Bernie or both Hillary and Bernie (or Bernie and Hillary)—and I disagreed with her on marriage equality then… but I am capable of taking yes for a motherfucking answer now.

That particular phrase and idea were a major sticking point for Savage:

[H]ere’s what I have to say to those who can’t understand why any gay person could possibly support Hillary over Bernie—or, like me, support Hillery and/or Bernie—when Bernie Always Had the Right Position On Marriage Equality and Hillary Used To Have the Wrong Position on Marriage Equality.

We’re taking motherfucking yes for a motherfucking answer.

The fiery rhetoric continued as he conceded that Clinton’s opposition to same-sex marriage may have been a “political calculation,” but pointed out that the LGBTQ community worked hard to “change the math so that those political calculations would start adding up in [their] favor.”

“It’s fucking moronic—it’s political malpractice—to attack a politician for coming around on your issues,” he said, moving on to remind readers that marriage equality was only one LGBTQ issue and that there are plenty more to worry about that will require unity to fix. By that logic, it is best not to question why or how a politician changed their mind, but to embrace it and move forward with them as an ally.

As is often the case with Savage, his message got mixed reactions. When one person tweeted it with praise, another responded with this:

Then, Savage responded with this:

Savage indeed!

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