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Rubio Tries to Explain to Gay N.H. Voter Why His Marriage Should be Illegal

WATCH: Anti-Gay Marriage Protester Shouts at Lesbian Couple While Kim Davis Hides in Her Office

Kim Davis Returns to Work, Refuses to Issue Any Marriage Licenses

Deputy Clerk Promises to Defy Kim Davis if Ordered to Withhold Licenses Again

Anti-LGBT KY Clerk Kim Davis Mocked By Hilarious Parody Twitter Account

Judge Orders Kentucky Clerk to Jail for Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Judge Dismisses Divorce Case Because of SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Ruling

KY Clerk Who Won’t Issue Same Sex Marriage Licenses Has Been Married 4 Times

Anti-LGBT KY Clerk, Staff Summoned to Court After Denying Licenses Again

Gohmert: Gay Couples Wouldn’t Survive on Remote Island, Proving Gay Marriage Is Wrong

Anti-LGBT Group in France Claims Russia Stole Their ‘Straight Flag’ Design

Watch This Kentucky Clerk Refuse to Issue Marriage License to Same-Sex Couple

Look Away, Mike Huckabee: Beyoncé Goes Viral with #LoveWins Video

According to This Video, Gay Marriage Opponents Are the Oppressed Ones

Mississippi Rep.: Maybe State Should Get Out of Marriage License Business

Scarborough Mocks White House for Claiming Credit on Gay Marriage: ‘Ooo, Look What We Did’

Guthrie to Cruz: Would You Let Clerks Deny Interracial Couples Marriage Licenses?

Texas AG: Probate Judges Can Refuse to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Anti-Gay Pastor Isn’t Actually Going to Set Himself On Fire After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Clarence Thomas Invokes Slavery In Gay Marriage Dissent: Gov’t Cannot Bestow Dignity

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