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Did Host Chuck Todd Get Caught Saying ‘Oh God’ After Cruz Compared Scalia to Reagan?

Screen-Shot-2016-02-14-at-2.59.42-PM-650x432On Sunday’s Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd sat with a handful of Presidential candidates to discuss Saturday’s GOP Debate as well as the news of the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. As the candidates suddenly find themselves addressing this topic on the campaign trail, Texas Senator Ted Cruz managed to honor the legacy of Scalia himself during the interview, offering the comparison between the recently deceased and GOP darling President Ronald Reagan.

But as the video below indicates, Chuck Todd seems to mutter the words “Oh God” as soon as Cruz goes in on the lofty comparison.

With the faintly-detected phrase included, the revised transcript (if true, of course) would appear:

CRUZ: And, Chuck, just as Ronald Reagan was to the Presidency, so Antonin Scalia was to the Supreme Court. He had that big an impact.

TODD: Oh God.

CRUZ: And I think his passing yesterday really underscores the stakes of this election.

Watch the above video from MSNBC and judge for yourself, no pun intended.

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