Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd on Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Comments: ‘Gave Me the Wrong Kind of Chills’

Chuck Todd Puts McMaster on the Spot About Bannon: Can You ‘Work Together in This White House’?

Chuck Todd Rips Sebastian Gorka: ‘This Seb Gorka Guy…Nothing But a Menace’

Jeff Flake Laments That the GOP Didn’t Stand Up to the Birther Movement

Sen. Jeff Flake Denies Thinking About Leaving GOP Over Trump: ‘I’m a Proud Republican’

GOP Congressman Charlie Dent: If You’re Not Loyal to Trump, Some Republicans Consider You an ‘Infidel’

Chuck Todd Slams White House: Their ‘Credibility Crisis’ Has ‘Gotten Much Worse’

Chuck Todd on Looming GOP Divide: ‘Just Whose Republican Party Is This Right Now?’

Chuck Todd to HHS Sec. Tom Price: ‘It’s Pretty Clear a Full Repeal Can’t Be Done’ Right Now

Chuck Todd Rips White House: ‘This Week Has Been a Giant PR, Political, and Possibly Legal Disaster’

Chuck Todd on Trump’s Bashing American Press: ‘Could Putin Have Asked for Anything More?’

Chuck Todd on Trump’s ‘Nasty’ Media Tweets: Delegitimizing the Press a Sign of ‘Authoritarianism’

Chuck Todd, Tom Price Clash: Why Is Trump More Devoted to Twitter Fights than Health Care?

Chuck Todd: Trump Admin’s War on the Press Is ‘Nothing Less Than a War on the Truth’

GOP Sen. Collins on Health Care Bill: ‘I Cannot Support a Bill’ That Takes Insurance From Millions

Chuck Todd: ‘At Least Three’ GOP Senators Are Against GOP Health Care Bill

Chuck Todd: Pelosi Remains a ‘Big Drag’ for Democrats in Some Districts

RNC Chair McDaniel Says GOP Candidates Won’t Run Away From Trump: He ‘Energizes Our Base’

Trump Lawyer Contradicts President’s Tweet: ‘He Is Not Under Investigation By the Special Counsel’

Sen. Jeff Flake: It Would Be Helpful to the Discourse If Trump Stopped Calling Opponents ‘Losers’

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