Did Trump Flub the National Anthem by Forgetting to Put Hand Over Heart and Mouth Half of the Words, AGAIN?


Donald Trump appeared to once again forget to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem, and again appeared to know only sporadic sections of the lyrics, during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

On Monday morning, Trump and First Lady Melania Trump appeared on the balcony overlooking the South Lawn of the White House to kick off the annual Easter Egg Roll. Things were going well until Marine Gunnery Sergeant Sara Sheffield came out to sing the anthem.

Less than a second into the song, Mrs. Trump placed her hand over her heart, but five seconds in, Trump still had not done the same. It also appears as though Melania may have nudged him twice, although video is not conclusive.

Trump then proceeded to mouth the words to some parts of the song, periodically stopping for reasons known only to the universe. Here’s a helpfully-zoomed version of the video to judge for yourselves:

At the 2017 Easter Egg Roll, Trump made headlines with a much shorter lapse during which he failed to cover his heart, again doing so following a less-subtle nudge from Melania.

And at the January, 2018 college football championship game between Alabama and Georgia, Trump went viral by skipping parts of the anthem, after going to war with NFL players over the song.

It appears those experiences did not motivate Trump to change his ways.

Watch the full performance above, via The White House.

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