Dispatches From Fox Nation: An “Expose” of a “Crappy, Decrepit” System

foxnation_7-16Dispatches from Fox Nation:

The lead story on Fox Nation right now is headlined “Must-See Undercover Expose of Socialized Health Care!” (Yes, that exclamation point is part of the headline.) Let’s take a look inside.

The story is a YouTube video by Stephen Crowder (a regular guest of the FNC program “Red Eye”). It’s 20-minutes, but the highlight is the description of the video by the folks behind the “Nation.”

If you’re like most asinine leftists, you’ve probably been a long time advocate of “Universal Healthcare” without ever having had the opportunity to experience the crappy, decrepit system first-hand…Well here’s your chance…And you better hold on tight, Buttercup, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Luckily there are very few “asinine leftists” at The Fox Nation. Sample comment from “Arizona Man” (sic’ed of course): “ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT IS LIVING IN AMERICA GO BUY OR GET HEALTH COVRAGE TODAY!! I am tierd of paying for you and the people that game the system. Make it your priorty TODAY!!”

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