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Dispatches From Fox Nation: Another “Victory!”, This Time Over ACORN

foxnation_9-13Dispatches From Fox Nation:

Last month The Fox Nation celebrated a “victory” over health care. Well break out the balloons and streamers, it’s time to celebrate another win! The headline: “FOX Nation Victory! Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN“. Here’s what happened:

The Nation post links back to a story, reporting this:

The Census Director has sent a letter to the National Headquarters of ACORN notifying the group that the Census Bureau is severing all ties with the community organizing group for all work having to do with the 2010 census.

This comes in the wake of all those hidden camera videos of ACORN employees helping actors playing prostitutes and more.

Again, we’ll point out that although this is a an opinion arm of the Fox News digital properties, it still falls under the FNC umbrella. It counts toward’s monthly page views, and features many columns by Fox News personalities. So claiming a “victory” here should raise some eyebrows. But let’s not rain on the Nation’s ACORN-free parade.

There were so many ridiculous reactions from the commenters, we had to include two favorites. Here’s how they celebrate at the Fox Nation. There was this poetic response from “Rebel”:

ACORN = (A) (C)riminal (O)rganization (R)uining the (N)ation. No wonder Barry Hussein Sotero Obama cut his teeth being a commie street agitator with this rotten slimebag outfit.

And “Jenney” apparently is focusing on Hondurus:

ACORN is the biggest pimp in the whole Country. Hopefully the director won’t get fired for being an ethical person. clinton and barack took 18 mil from the poor children of Honduras because Micheletti saved their Constitution from destruction by dictator chavez. clinton and barack are out to destroy anyone out standing in the way of communism. Leave Honduras alone.

When will The Fox Nation get another “victory”? Stay tuned.

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