Tucker Carlson Loses It On Anti-NRA House Candidate, Cuts Off Segment: ‘Tough Guy… Interview Over!’

Donald Jr Suggests Russia Investigation is Like ‘McCarthyism’ — Then Says Dems Are ‘Left of Commies’

Hannity is Back on Twitter to Expose ‘Deepstategate’: ‘Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easy’

Sen. Chris Murphy Blasts Health Care Executive Order: Trump ‘Put a Gun to the Head of Our Constituents’

The Latest Person to Ink a Contributing Deal at Fox News is Chris Kyle’s Widow

Role Reversal? ‘Dove’ Laura Ingraham And ‘Hawk’ Juan Williams Clash Over Drone Strikes On Fox

Gawker’s Fox News Mole Strikes Again…With A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Thursday Ratings: Fox News GOP Debate Is Highest-Rated In Cable News This Year

Fox News Producer Describes Being Liberated From Rixos Hotel

Wolf Blitzer Grabs Second Place (Viewers 25-54) With Obama Interview

Iowa GOP Debate On Fox News Attracts More Than 5 Million Viewers

O’Reilly, Hannity And Van Susteren Combine For 7.7 Million Total Viewers Wednesday Night

With Focus On Wisconsin, MSNBC Averages 1.1 Million Total Viewers Tuesday Night

As Dow Dives, Viewers Flock To Fox News In Prime; CNN, MSNBC Have Rare Tie For Second

Rachel Maddow Within 16,000 Viewers (25-54) Of Hannity Friday Night

Fox’s The Five Beats Shep, Greta (In Demo); Outdoes All 5 P.M. Competition Combined

Casey Anthony Verdict Gives HLN Its Best Month Ever In Terms Of Total Viewers; Fox News Still Top Rated Newser

Piers Morgan Leads All CNN Shows Friday Night, With Nearly One Million Total Viewers

Amid Big Political News, Chris Matthews Beats Wolf Blitzer At 5 P.M., Gets Beaten By John King At 7 P.M.

Greta Van Susteren Breaks 560,000 In The Demo As Anderson Cooper Pulls Ahead Of Ed Schultz At 10 P.M.

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