DJ Khaled: I Snapchatted the Birth of My Son ‘To Put Love Into the Universe’

imageedit_280_2101878847Today on ABC’s The ViewDJ Khaled gave an inspirational, lighthearted interview. He casually mentioned his goal in meeting with President Barack Obama was to find ways to “uplift the youth, for instance.” Being inspirational is pretty much his thing and the public still loves it.

They also love his newborn baby, Asahd. When walking out for his interview, Khaled brought along Assad just to sho him off to the hosts for a minute. Note that Whoopi Goldberg was wearing a sweater that showed Santa and Jesus drinking eggnog when this happened.

Khaled is well known for his mastery of Snapchat, which he uses to spread positive messages and detail his daily activities as a producer. He even snapped the birth of Asahd back in October. He said that his fiancée wasn’t too thrilled about it, but that he did it to “put love into the universe” by showing the creation of a new life.

In keeping with his positive theme, he said, “The key is love. For any leader, that’s the key,” when asked what President-elect Donald Trump could stand to learn.

Watch above.

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