Football Star Chad Ochocinco Angers Fans By Tweeting About Reading Glenn Beck

Mediaite isn’t typically fertile ground for stories on Chad Ochocinco, the eccentric football star known to (besides changing his name to what we hope he does not think means “eighty-five” in Spanish) hang out with Bill Clinton and running a fictional news network. But today, waiting in the airport, he seems to have found a strange and quite polarizing bedfellow: Glenn Beck, whose book he has begun to read and classified as “#EPIC.”

Ochocinco ruffled feathers earlier today by admitting that he had purchased the book Broke and inquiring as to whether Beck was on Twitter to send him a message. The result was a flurry of unfollows from fans– fans that had endured a rant about stolen pigeons, scientific research on female orgasms, and a flurry of other comical introspection. Here’s a taste of what Ochocinco has been facing:

On the other hand, plenty of tweeps seem to be perfectly okay with Ochocinco reading Beck– even those that don’t agree with him. Meanwhile, Beck has not weighed in on the issue, but given his previous celebrity endorsement pranks (say, claiming that the band Muse was forced to tell him to stop saying he likes their music, which Muse didn’t find out about at all until they were mentioned on his program), one can imagine Beck will get a kick out of this when he finds out. Now if only Ochocinco could be appointed emergency Speaker of the House America may have a chance at a debt compromise.

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