Fox Host: Obama Has Trouble Stumping for Clinton Because ‘He Just Doesn’t Like Her’

MelissaFox’s Outnumbered co-host Melissa Francis speculated on Monday that President Obama was going to have a rough time stumping for Hillary Clinton because the president “just doesn’t like her.”

Francis referred specifically to an interview Obama gave to Politico earlier this year.

“He was supposed to go out and swing for her over Bernie Sanders, and he ended up wandering into the conversation where he said Bernie Sanders has great authenticity and passion and fearlessness,” Francis said, recalling that Obama also commented that Clinton’s “strengths can actually be her weaknesses.”

She continued: “He was supposed to be giving an interview where he was supporting her. And it was a disaster. I mea I think when he hits the campaign trail for himself he does great. When he does it for Clinton, he can’t help himself. It doesn’t work out.”

Sandra Smith agreed: “It’s a big task ahead if he’s gonna try and do it, right?”

The White House has said that President Obama has no plans to endorse either Sen. Sanders or Clinton in the Democratic primary.

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