Fox News’ Decision Not To Fire Jehmu Greene Angers The Right

As you may recall, on last Thursday’s edition of America Live, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene called the Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy” in response to Carlson’s criticism of Elizabeth Warren‘s qualifications.

Many outraged conservatives have called upon Fox to fire Greene. For example:

On the conservative site World Net Daily, one columnist wrote that “If Fox News has any integrity, it should immediately and without apology fire Jehmu Greene.” Right-leaning media watchdog Accuracy in Media criticized Fox for it’s lack of punishment and bemoaned the network’s “standing by [Greene].”

A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite that “Jehmu apologized to Tucker by phone after the segment and he accepted her apology.”

Fox’s decision not to fire or publicly reprimand Greene may be a bold move given her lightning-rod comments, but it makes for a few interesting thoughts:

Perhaps Fox isn’t as beholden to its decidedly right-leaning audience as many believe. They haven’t succumbed to pressure to fire Greene, and have made an effort to hire more progressive contributors like Greene and Sally Kohn in the last year.

And the lack of punishment may also show that Fox has no interest in being the “PC Police.”

What’s your take? Should Fox fire Greene? Share them below (unless you’re going to troll — then stay away, because we’ll just delete your comment!).

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