Frank Luntz Focus Group of Current and Former NRA Members Sounds Off: ‘Are We Gonna Ban Knives?!’


Frank Luntz put together a focus group of current and former NRA members in a segment that aired on Vice News Tonight Friday.

There was certainly a bit of pushback on the idea that, as Luntz put it, “guns are too prevalent.” One person said, “You don’t know someone’s mentally unstable until they do something.”

Some people there suggested there’s a cultural problem at play or a fraying moral fabric, and one of the men there said he absolutely supports the idea of more guns in schools.

Most of the people in the room did raise their hands when Luntz asked if they support enhanced background checks.

At one point, Luntz asked them what they would say to the children taking action after the shooting in Florida last week.

One person said “kids don’t understand how the world works,” while another said the kids should be listened to.

Eric Clayton told Luntz he’s going to defend his rights, adding, “Are we gonna ban knives? I mean, where does it stop?”

Luntz told the group, “You give me no hope whatsoever that this won’t happen again.” Sai Mukherjee said there are actions that can be taken on a more micro level, and told Luntz there’s a “breakdown of the family dynamic that’s causing this problem.”

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