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George Will On Mosque: This is An August News Story And Sensitivity Is Overrated

Nothing like a little George Will to throw some cold rationale into the hyperbolic mix. On today’s This Week roundtable the topic of discussion was, not surprisingly, the proposed Lower Manhattan mosque. Here’s what Will had to say regarding the recent furor over the building of Park51, part of which echoed fellow This Week-er Cokie Robertsremarks from last week:

I think a month from now people are going to say ‘What was that all about?’ This is an August story, that is it’s a slow news time. And you can always tell a fundamentally weak story because it turns on sensitivity. Is so-and-so being sensitive to someone else? Sensitivity is overrated.

Here, Amanpour notes Park51 has received pushback from the 9/11 families, says Will:

Well that’s too bad. The fact is when you have an entitlement to have everyone be sensitive to everyone else that’s how you got speech codes on campuses so we would not have speech that would offend somebody. There is no right for somebody to go through life without your feelings being hurt.

Or a cable news cycle. Watch below. Further on in the clip Amanpour notes that research shows that Mosques actually have a “counter-extremist effect.” Alas, those don’t tend to be the studies that win elections or drive cable news cycles.

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