Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Pile on ‘Nightmare’ GOP for Abandoning Conservatives

Mark Levin joined Glenn Beck on his show Thursday morning for a rare match-up of conservative titans. Levin talked about the plan in his book, The Liberty Amendments, to take back the Constitution, and both men ended up going after Republicans for abandoning conservative principles.

Levin’s proposal to have states convene a constitutional convention to fight for things like legislative supermajority overrides of Supreme Court decisions sounded great to Beck, but he noted that it’s going to be a hard fight, since the Republicans many conservatives believed to be on their side have abandoned the cause. Beck told Levin, “The GOP is a nightmare, and perhaps a bigger nightmare than the Democrats because their people are awake.”

Beck said he’s tired of the “lesser of two evils argument,” while Levin said this is exactly why they need a constitutional convention. And if the states vote and “want to surrender to tyranny, it’s tyranny they get!”

Levin also took the GOP to task for abandoning conservative principles, since before President Obama took the oath of office, the “most profligate, out-of-control period in recent federal history” was the George W. Bush years with Republican majorities. Beck also pointed out how the GOP establishment has essentially thrown out the idea of defunding Obamacare, a subject Levin let loose on the GOP for on his radio show Wednesday.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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