Glenn Thrush Rips Stephen Miller After Tense, ‘Scaramucci-esque’ Briefing Exchange

Following his tense exchange with White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller during Wednesday’s press briefing, Glenn Thrush of The New York Times stopped by Deadline: White House to analyze the tussle.

Host Nicole Wallace opined that Miller was getting mad during the exchange. Thrush, for his part, disagreed.

“I don’t think Stephen Miller got mad,” Thrush said. “I think Stephen Miller got air time. And I think he enjoyed it immensely. He was not getting off that stage. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was standing around long enough to have charged him rent.”

He added, of Miller’s performance, “It was [Anthony] Scaramucci-esque.”

The crux of the dispute between Thrush and Miller was that Thrush asked for statistics supporting the notion that American workers lose jobs to immigrant workers. Miller spoke in more vague terms, and continued to be pressed by Thrush. The reporter ripped Miller for not providing more specifics to support the administration’s positions on immigration.

“I think as a policy official for this administration, he ought to have had that information at his fingertips and not have resorted to having made jokes about The New York Times,” Thrush said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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