GOP Candidates Hop On #BTTF Bandwagon For Some Good Ol’ Fear-Mongering

Several Republican presidential candidates are jumping in on today’s Back to the Future II excitement to attack President Obama and generate interest in their respective campaigns.

As CNN reports, today is the day that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels to in the classic 1989 sequel to the original Back to the Future. However, as many of the GOP candidates note, the actual present of October 21, 2015 is nothing like the imagined future of late ’80s Hollywood. It’s actually really, really terrible, and will stay that way unless you vote for (one of) them in 2016.

First up is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose social media team used a mock-up of the DeLorean’s dashboard to ridicule the excessive spending on social security (and the Chicago Cubs’ chances for winning the World Series):

As for junior Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, his campaign pushed a video mocking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and just-until-recently-thinking-about-running Vice President Joe Biden. It combined shoddy Back to the Future-esque graphics and music with one of Rubio’s catchphrases:

Let’s not forget junior Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who tweeted a brief swipe at President Obama’s Iran Deal (because he’s totally running for a third term):

However, the award for Best-Worst Coopting of Marketed Nostalgia goes to CARLY for America, the Super PAC promoting Carly Fiorina‘s presidential campaign. Not only did they create an entire Back to the Future-themed website

…and a Twitter account parodying the character Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd)…

…but they also made a very, very cheesy video in which a Brown/Lloyd impersonator travels into a future where the Democrats prevail and freedom fails.

I wonder if CARLY for America is hosting any of this content on Hewlett-Packard’s servers.

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