Russian Diplomat Tweets Picture of Terrorist Kumar, and Kal Penn ‘Can’t Stop Laughing’


Actor and former Obama adviser Kal Penn found it hysterical today when the Russian ambassador to the UK tweeted out a picture warning of a very particular fake terrorist: Penn himself.

The U.S. been wary of Russian involvement in conflicts throughout the Middle East recently, and have reportedly told Iraqi leaders that the government will not help them to fight ISIS if they also ask for Russian intervention. Alexander Yakovenko did not take that news well, and tweeted his thoughts that “the terrorists must be rejoicing.”

Where Penn found this funny was that this picture of a terrorist was actually a screenshot from his days as Kumar Patel for the Harold and Kumar film series. In the second movie, Escape From Guantanamo Bay, an elderly lady causes a panic when she sees Kumar on her flight and accuses him of being a terrorist who wants to bring down the plane.

Penn took notice of how Yakovenko seemed completely serious in his tweet, and told his followers that he “couldn’t stop laughing.” He also offered his compliments to Yakovenko by sending him a picture of Ivan Drago, the Soviet boxer who was the main antagonist in Rocky IV.

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