Marco Rubio

Republican Lawmakers Condemn Trump’s ‘Saudi Arabia First’ Statement: ‘What is Becoming of America?’

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes Has Reportedly Resigned

Don Jr., Ted Cruz, Steve Scalise Condemn Bombs Sent to Obamas and Clintons: ‘This Crap Has to Stop’

Marco Rubio: It’s Worth Blowing Up Relationship With Saudi Arabia Over Human Rights

Marco Rubio: Voting Against Kavanaugh ‘Will Forever Be Perceived As a Verdict of Guilt’

After Beto, Who Will be the Next Punk Rock Lawmaker?

Marco Rubio is Going to War With Salt Bae, The Internet’s Favorite Steak Seasoner

Marco Rubio Scolds Media After His Scuffle With Alex Jones: ‘We’re Making Crazy People Superstars’

WATCH: Marco Rubio and Alex Jones Nearly Come to Blows, Senator Warns ‘I’ll Take Care of You Myself’

Neil Armstrong Sons Respond to First Man Controversy: Not ‘Anti-American in the Slightest’

Jake Tapper Battles Marco Rubio on Trump’s Russia Flubs: ‘Don’t You Think You’re Being Remarkably Forgiving’

Rubio: Media ‘Unwitting Collaborators’ of Putin Effort, ‘Covered Every Salacious Detail of the Leaks’

Marco Rubio, Media Critic, Rails Against Use of ‘F Word’ in News: ‘Who Made That Decision???’

Kathy Griffin Calls Marco Rubio ‘Spineless Embarrassment’ for Blaming GOP’s Lack of Trump Criticism on Media

Rubio: Many Republicans Won’t Criticize Trump Because ‘It Means Siding With’ the Media

Trump Touts Marco Rubio’s Defense of Him Against ‘Haters’: Their ‘Irrational Hostility’ Helps Him

Rubio Says Criticism of Melania is ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’: ‘Totally Lunacy’

Fox News Host Asks Marco Rubio to ‘Clarify’ His Criticisms of Kim Jong Un

Scarborough Dismantles Mitch McConnell’s Claims About Trumpism With Lengthy Matlock Impression

Senate Committee Votes Overwhelmingly to Block Trump’s Plans to Revive Chinese Telecom Company ZTE

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