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Fox News Host Asks Marco Rubio to ‘Clarify’ His Criticisms of Kim Jong Un

Scarborough Dismantles Mitch McConnell’s Claims About Trumpism With Lengthy Matlock Impression

Senate Committee Votes Overwhelmingly to Block Trump’s Plans to Revive Chinese Telecom Company ZTE

Fox’s Trish Regan Trashes Rubio Over Tax Law Reversal: ‘He Is Trying to Divide the Republican Party’

Kyle Kashuv Defends Marco Rubio From Anti-Gun Protesters: Attacks ‘Stem From Ignorance’

Marco Rubio Slams Trump’s White House Leakers as ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Duplicitous’ to America

Rubio Doesn’t Like How McCabe Firing Happened: Should’ve Been Able to ‘Finish Through the Weekend’

Can We Talk About CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Her Seriously Biased Parkland Shooting Coverage?

Parkland Dad Who Lost Daughter Rips Marco Rubio: He Never Called to Offer Condolences

Marco Rubio: Debate After Parkland Shooting Reminds Us of How ‘Nasty’ Our Politics Gets

Parkland Survivor Skewers Marco Rubio With Tweet on NRA Funding After CNN Town Hall

Trevor Noah Mocks Marco Rubio’s Town Hall Appearance: ‘Maybe Bullying Isn’t That Bad’

CNN’s Disastrous Town Hall Provided Cheap Entertainment at the Expense of Meaningful Progress

Parkland Survivor Grills Rubio Over NRA Money: ‘In the Name of 17 People’ You Can’t Decline Funds?

Father of Parkland Victim Corners Rubio on Gun Legislation: ‘Your Comments…Have Been Pathetically Weak’

Marco Rubio Rips ‘Disgusting Group of Idiots’ Pushing Conspiracies About FL Shooting

Marco Rubio to Face Florida School Shooting Victims Calling For Gun Control at CNN Town Hall

Ted Cruz Hits Back at CNN For Suggesting He’s Afraid to Appear on Network to Talk FL Shooting

WATCH: Stephanie Ruhle Lists GOP ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Tweets Alongside NRA Campaign Donations

Marco Rubio: Now Not The Time to Talk Gun Control Because ‘People Don’t Know How This Happened’

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