GOP Rep. Goes Nuts on House Floor: Calls Hitler ‘Socialist,’ Compares Dems to Nazis, Quotes Mein Kampf


Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) directly compared Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation, as well as the media and the Democrats, with the Nazis during a floor speech in which he actually quoted Adolf Hitler.

During the House of Representatives’ “Morning Hour,” in whcih members are permitted to make five-minute speeches on any topic they choose, Brooks opted to slam the just-concluded Mueller investigation, and anyone who supported it, by invoking Hitler’s “big lie.”

“A big lie is a political propaganda technique made famous by Germany’s National Socialist German Workers Party, but more on that later,” Brooks began. “For more than two years, socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies — CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, and countless others — have perpetrated the biggest political lie, con, scam, and fraud in American history.”

Brooks went on to summarize the findings of Attorney General William Barr‘s four-page memo on the Mueller investigation, and claimed that the report “confirms that socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies made up non-existent allegations and engaged in the most sordid of fake news-big lie-propaganda-scam-fraud and smear campaign in American history.”

He then read a quote from “another socialist who mastered bigly propaganda to a maximum and deadly effect,” and asked “Who is this big lie master? That quote was in 1925 by a member of Germany’s National Socialist German Workers Party, that’s right, Germany’s socialist party, more commonly known as the Nazis.”

“The author was socialist Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf,” Brooks added.

Brooks concluded his rant by saying “America can either learn from history or be doomed to repeat it. When it comes to big lie political propaganda in America, as the Mueller report confirms, America’s socialists and their fake news media allies are experts and have no peers. Regardless, America must reject their big lies or succumb to the danger that lurks, and horrific damage that results.”

Watch the clip above, via C-Span.

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