Adolf Hitler

Tom Steyer Town Hall Attendee Asks: What’s The Difference Between Trump and Hitler?

A German Play’s Opening Night Offer: Wear A Swastika and Admission is Free

NY Times Columnist Compares Trump to Hitler: They Both Used ‘Mass Deception’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Stunned After Guest Compares Hitler and Lincoln

Dinesh D’Souza Explains to Fox & Friends Why President Trump Is NOT Like Hitler

Trump Reflects on World History During NYT Interview: ‘Same Thing Happened to Hitler’

Psychiatrist Compares Trump to Hitler at Yale Mental Health Conference

Chris Christie on United: ‘The Attitude of That Airline is Awful’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Slams Spicer Over Hitler Remarks: ‘Frankly, Kind of Ignorant’

Sean Spicer Forces MSNBC to Use Chyron That Clarifies ‘Hitler Gassed Millions’

Spicer: I Was Not Trying to ‘Lessen the Horrendous Nature of the Holocaust,’ Just ‘Drawing a Contrast’

Sean Spicer Says Hitler ‘Didn’t Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons,’ Mentions ‘Holocaust Centers’

CNN Español Host Compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Accuses Him of ‘Racism and Xenophobia’

Chris Matthews: ‘Hitlerian Background’ to Trump’s America First Talk

CNN Anchor Questions If Former Tabernacle Choir Member Comparing Trump to Hitler Is ‘Hysterical’

Twitter Users Wonder if Time Named Trump Person of the Year in Homage to Hitler

Why Do You Think the NY Times Recommended This ‘Timely’ Book About Hitler’s Rise?

‘If the Shoe Fits’: Salon Responds to Ann Coulter’s Criticism of Article Comparing Trump to Hitler

Slate Podcast Compares ‘Rise of Trump’ With ‘Rise of Hitler’

Imagining (With Subtitles) Hitler’s Response to New Trump Tapes

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