Greta Van Susteren: ‘NBC Has Been Really Rotten’ to David Gregory

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren thinks there’s something really wrong with the way NBC has handled phasing David Gregory out of Meet the Press and the network itself. On her Gretawire blog today, Van Susteren wrote, “NBC has really been rotten to Gregory in these last few months.”

Gregory’s future at NBC had been a big question mark for months, and Van Susteren thought the network was just being unnecessarily “lousy” in how it was dragging this whole thing out. She said, “No one should have been subjected to this NBC process where they claim they love you and you are at the network for the long haul…and meanwhile they are plotting to get rid of you.”

She also pointed out that the only way we’ll ever know the inside story is if Gregory’s separation agreement did not have a non-disparagement clause as a provision.

Van Susteren also tweeted earlier in the day about Gregory’s treatment by NBC.

You can read the Gretawire post here.

[image via Fox News]

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